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As an agency we really need quick feedback as we develop our advertising. This is an important tool to bring consumers into the heart of our process.

Claude Silver, Head of Strategy - Publicis London

In instances where we want quick consumer feedback on advertising we have found ZappiStore to be very useful.

Martin Lay, Head of Vauxhall Brand, Vauxhall Motors

Budgets don’t allow to do full quantitative pre-testing for every ad and feedback from our brand tracking takes a while, so the ZappiStore tool is a quick and effective way to access consumer responses.

Claudia Strauss, Head of Insight, Burton’s Biscuit

We needed to make a quick choice between various positioning statements, ZappiStore gave us the opportunity to do so based on consumer feedback without compromising our planning.

Bob Zimmerman, Market Intelligence Leader, Ideal Standard International

We often have to make very quick decisions internally and ZappiStore provides us with a tool to make those decisions based on consumer Insight.

Ollie Smith, Head of Insights, Pentland Brands

ZappiStore makes it possible for us to get actionable insights at an affordable price. Traditional market research is just not an option because of the cost barrier. Zappi’s scope of research was great and covered all key areas we wanted feedback on, including how we should price the product.

Gill Hayward, Founder, Yuuworld

We had some interesting concepts to test amongst women in the US. The ability to turn this around in under a day is amazing.

Simon Woolf, Planner, Pernod Ricard

It’s fast, inexpensive and delivers pretty robust results. It will inform our view on creative ideas and ultimately is very likely to improve the final work we end up running.

Chris Walmsley, Co-founder and Head of Planning, Cubo

We weren’t too sure which of 2 routes would be best for the visual for DM. The Choose It test was really easy and incredibly quick, and gave us valuable consumer feedback to help us make our decisions

Charlie Gower, Hiscox

I needed to know why my product wasn’t selling, It only took me a few minutes to set up the project and then I got back this incredibly intuitive report. ZappiStore gave me an insight into what to change and how to price it correctly.

Andreas Caluori, SwissCherry


What do you want to research?

Mind Radar

Detailed analysis of your social media landscape. We use discourse analysis to identify key themes and drivers in social media, giving you the information to engage with your customers.

FROM £4950

Impackt Lite™ gives you the fast track to successful new and revised pack design. It delivers insights based on a mix of established and innovative quantitative techniques.

FROM £2450

eStatic draws on Millward Brown’s vast copytesting experience, delivering fast and clear static ad evaluation with all the confidence of our market-leading validation and databases.

FROM £2950

TNS's ConversionModel is the most widely used measure of brand commitment and conversion. ConversionModel Express helps you identify and size growth opportunities for your brand in a matter of hours.

FROM £4950

Social Intelligence

Your first port of call for understanding your brand & competitors’ social identities. Explore mentions, trends, sentiment, channels, & look at your brand in its competitive context.

FROM £1950

Choose It

The quickest way to find out which of your ideas to pursue. A simple consumer rating of up to five ideas; be it adverts, names, flavours, product ideas or anything else, helping you make better decisions.

FROM £995

New Product Development

Find out how many people will like your new idea and also how much they are willing to pay for it. Get feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the idea and also tips on how to improve it.

FROM £1195


We have taken the latest thinking about testing advertising and communications, and distilled it into our creative test. Giving you the valuable feedback you need to make decisions.

FROM £1195

Coming soon in 2014.
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Brand Touchpoints

Coming soon in 2014.
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Pre-Launch Product Test

Coming soon in 2014.
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Creative Test

Coming soon in 2014.
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Great Research

We have taken the best thinking from the world of market research and distilled it into a series of simple yet powerful research applications

Very Fast

Typical market research can take weeks from design to reporting. By automating the process you can now get everything done in a matter of hours

Interactive Reporting

We have developed some of the best interactive reporting systems available, giving you automated statistical analysis and allowing you to easily analyse your results by target group

Incredible Value

By simplifying and automating the process your projects cost as little as 5-10% of a typical market research fee