Zappi 101

What is Zappi?

Zappi is an automated research platform that enables businesses to run end-to-end analytics on demand and in over 36 countries, leveraging the power of our intelligence systems.

What areas of research does Zappi cater to?

We currently have a suite of tools that help guide brands through the creative development process; the new product development process; and the digital advertising process. These tools seek to answer key business questions so that brands can iteratively test and learn, helping bring the voice of the consumer into the decision-making process and, therefore, take the right ideas to market.

Is there any difference between Zappi and other DIY platforms like Survey Monkey and others?

Zappi provides its tools, software, and analysis to answer key business questions and conduct robust analytics. DIY platforms largely provide a space to ask questions and collect data. We bring brands straight to the answers they need. Launching a project is as simple as selecting your business question, setting up a basic configuration (which takes 5 minutes), and waiting for the answer in a simple, digestible, PPT-enabled report.

What does the Zappi geo footprint look like?

Zappi has presence across globe with offices in Boston, Chicago, Portland, Toronto, Miami, London, Paris, Hamburg, Capetown, and Singapore. Our automated research footprint covers over 30 countries from China, to Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

If I become a Zappi customer, do I only interface with the Tech?

Our Client Excellence teams across AMS, EMEA, APAC are always here to get you up to speed, offering platform support and guidance as you enter the realm of automation.

What is your global support coverage?

Coverage is from 05:00 GMT+0 to 23:00 GMT+0, contactable through email at

How do I make the most out of Zappi?

We’d recommend a consultation with our client transformation team. We will audit your existing insights process, from sampling through to innovation/advertising research, where we can then recommend a plan. You will end up with a step-by-step guide to yield 70% more insights for 70% less budget.

Does Zappi offer bulk pricing options?

Yes we do. We currently have an advanced purchase system in place which, when paid upfront, gives you a discounted per-project rate which you can deploy across your team to be used as and when questions come up.

Zappi’s Partners

How do your partnerships work?

We believe in great research and the power of strong methodologies. We partner with leading market research companies who already have strong methodologies and unique approaches to business questions; we build tools that automate these processes for use on the Zappi platform. We provide the Tech, they own the research IP.

Why do these research companies partner with you?

Our model has a few distinct benefits

  • By partnering with us, research companies get access to our global distribution with the ability to generate income from licensing their IP to us and the clients.
  • Running on the Zappi platform is extremely profitable, given that we automate manual process and take an ‘assembly line’ approach to research.
  • Our partners can free up more time to deliver impactful consultations with clients on how to implement their research results.

If I want to run a study with one of your partners, do I do it through you or them?

Our partners offer consulting services in addition to the deliverables available through Zappi. If the methodology is new to you or if you need help deciphering your results, we’d recommend purchasing the consulting package first in order to learn what it offers. That will still get you the benefits of the Zappi platform, including the cost and time savings of automation, and ability to tap into analytics on demand through Zappi.Pro.


Where do you source your sample?

Zappi leverages world-class, credible, and ESOMAR-certified panel providers to source sample across all our tools. Panel partnerships are made up of both global and local partners who manage double opt-in panels, as well as sources that utilize a mix of double opt-in panels and affiliate network/sources. These partnerships include SSI, Lightspeed Research, AIP, and Netquest among others.

What checks does Zappi have in place to ensure sample quality when sourcing from partners?

To ensure consistency and a high level of respondent quality across our surveys while utilizing multiple sources, Zappi maintains a set sample blend by product and country. These blends are determined when launching any new product or market and are based on several factors, including: quality, capacity, speed, and automation ability. Blends are set via collaboration between Zappi and our research partners, taking historical sampling practices into consideration. We also have several checks for uniqueness in place when a respondent enters the survey to avoid fraud.

What audiences am I able to reach through Zappi?

Zappi works with clients to understand their audience and to set up appropriate targets. Zappi sources from consumer panels and provides screening questions to identify your audience. We deliver knowledgeable and representative sample through automation to avoid ‘niche’ or limited audiences.

Am I able to do sample boosts through Zappi?

The Zappi platform utilizes quota sampling and can set a specific quota within the survey. The platform does not currently support fielding a sample boost within the same survey.


Does Zappi exclusively offer partner methodologies (e.g. Kantar)?

Zappi offers a range of great research solutions. In some instances we source these solutions through external partners, but in order to cater to a broad range of methodologies and price points, we also offer products we have developed internally.

Does Zappi have a particular stance on methodologies (e.g. system 1 v. system 2)?

Zappi is a platform. We believe there is value in the thinking behind all different kinds of research. Our responsibility is to offer research buyers quality and choice, and as such we embrace all philosophies.

How do I choose the best tool for each business question/stage gate?

We have a recommendation system in place for helping you decide which tools you should use based on your internal requirements and the stage of development you are in.

What normative benchmarks are available?

Zappi maintains its own norms database for the products we developed ourselves, and in some cases (such as Link from Kantar Millward Brown) we have access to the norms database used by our partners.

If I previously used Link with Kantar Millward Brown service, will I have access to the same normative framework when I switch to Zappi?

Yes, we utilize the same normative databases and modeling approaches as KMB.

Can I upload historic brand norms on the Zappi platform to use for my analysis?

Not yet, but this is something we are planning to introduce.

Is it possible to filter my data to look at different slices of the population?

A specific target audience for a project can be selected upfront. After fieldwork is completed, you can filter the reports we create on any screener questions.

Does Zappi offer crosstabs?

Crosstabs are only available through Zappi.Pro.

Does Zappi offer respondent-level data?

No, but the aggregated data behind each chart in the reports can be exported into a spreadsheet.

What is your default base size for studies run on Zappi?

The products available on Zappi’s platform are intended to be analysed at the total population level. Most tools on our platform have a default base size of N = 150, which users can increase (or decrease) when configuring their sample options. N = 150 offers a statistically robust base at a competitive price point when looking at the total population. If you want to conduct subgroup analysis, the option to increase this sample size is available. We would recommend at least 50 interviews of each subgroup as an absolute minimum, and 100 interviews for a more reliable read.


How does pricing work for Zappi.Pro?

Zappi.Pro is an annual subscription with an $30,000 fee paid up-front annually.

Why do you charge for Zappi.Pro on a subscription basis?

The Zappi.Pro subscription is set up so that users can access advanced analytical functionality; rather than charge each user, we chose to give an entire organization unlimited user access for just one fee.

How soon will I have access to my own brand norm on Zappi.Pro?

As soon as you have tested at least 30 stimuli using the same tool, the client norm will be automatically available (note that any studies run before moving to a Zappi.Pro license will also count towards this norm). Additionally, user defined benchmarks are available for certain tools and can be generated off a single cell.

Can I build a norm based on custom question parameters, such as brand presence, celebrity feature, and so on?

Yes - you can build a norm using any element using our tagging functionality. Consult with your Zappi team to ensure the tool you are using is fully optimized for tag-based norms. For certain tools, benchmarks can be created on the fly based on any selection or combination of cells.

Once I select a study for cross-analysis, other studies become grayed out. Why is that?

We grey out studies for cross-study comparison when they are not appropriately comparable (i.e. different countries, different tools, etc.). To ensure that a cross project analysis is valid, we ensure you can only select multiple compatible studies. Reasons for incompatible selections will vary based on the product.

Can I use the cross-analysis feature to compare studies across different tools?

Not at this time. At present you can only analyse across cells that have been tested with the same tool.

How do custom questions work on Zappi.Pro?

Custom questions, including single-select, multi-select, grid, and open ended, can be created and appended to the end of questionnaires. Questions can either be automatically appended (so that every order for a specific tool in a Zappi.Pro account has these questions automatically asked), or they can be added on an ad-hoc basis at the end of each order.

Can I build a norm against custom questions?

Yes you can. When you create a custom question, you have the ability to save and re-use the custom question for future orders. Re-using an existing question allows you to build up response data and generate a norm which is available when reporting.

How does the Zappi algorithm generate insights dynamically based on my scores?

We work with very closely with experts on each of the research methodologies available in the store. Their knowledge of business implications based on research results are embedded in our learning platform.

Can I use Zappi.Pro to establish consistency across local markets in my region?

Absolutely, we have found that clients who effectively use Zappi.Pro have streamlined approaches for setting up projects as well as listing attributes and messages.

Is there a limit to how much data I can store/have access to in my Zappi.Pro platform?


How do I successfully roll out Zappi.Pro to my function?

We have various onboarding materials that can be tailored to suit your organization’s structure and culture. Above all else, these tailorings should address both the functional and human benefits of automated expertise, as well as any unique working styles that your team uses. Naturally, our team of experts will support you.


Can I download my data in other formats for analysis outside of the Zappi platform?

Currently you are able to download aggregated data on a per chart basis. We are working to add downloadable respondent level data soon.