We have managed to keep our prices low by automating the entire research process from sample to survey, analysis to reporting. While there is a basic price for each of our different research applications, you can customise your research project by changing the number and demographic of the people taking your survey. This will affect the price and time it takes to deliver your report, which is shown dynamically during the order process. Factors that will affect the time and cost of your survey are outlined below.


Select which market you would like to run your project in from our ever-expanding list of countries. We gather real-time information from multiple global panel providers to calculate time and cost.

Sample Size

We give guidelines on suggested audience size for each product, but this is customizable. More respondents will change the time and price, but will allow for greater segmentation within reports.

Incidence Rating

How common your chosen sample or target group is will affect how easy it is to reach. We have a list of target groups, but If you require a custom segmentation, get in touch and we will build one for you to use on the store.

How you can pay

Credit or debit card

Pay us directly and get your project underway immediately.

Store credit

Contact us to add credit to your account, which you can spend to your heart's content!

Per project invoice

Get in touch to arrange payment on a project-by-project basis.

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