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Consumers’ System 1 response to your names

The latest thinking in Behavioural Economics techniques is that the combination of implicit and explicit response is the most powerful predictor of behaviour. Acacia Avenue’s approach overlays the emotional, more instinctive response with conscious reflections on meaning and its appropriateness to the brand you are naming. Plus, the use of benchmarks gives you the confidence that the names you are testing pass muster up against other new brand names, and that you’re not just picking the best of a bad bunch.

Brand names aren’t processed rationally, so this approach yields more precise and true-to-life responses. This instinctive choice exercise measures pure preference as well as speed of response, with time pressured association tests to measure the speed with which an association is made. This helps to give a more absolute sense of appeal than just a relative one.

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Canada, United Kingdom, United States
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What's Included

  • Instinctive choice
  • Emotional response
  • Spontaneous association
  • Proposition fit & Brand values
  • Parent brand fit & Parent brand values

In Detail

Instinctive choice

See which of your names is preferred and how instinctively accessible they are. Names are exposed in different combinations of pairs, so that each is assessed against the others, giving us a large data bank of preferences.

Emotional response

Check how well your names stack up on positive emotional response, based on a non verbal, facial expression scale.

Spontaneous association

Discover the associations carried by each of your names and dig deeper into how the words are perceived tonally.

Proposition fit & Brand values

Identify which names are good at evoking your desired brand values and which bear a strong fit with your proposition.

Parent brand fit & Parent brand values

See which names are more closely associated with your parent brand and how strongly they echo your desired brand values.

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