Creative Test for Audio

Find out what to put ON AIR and what to ground in as few as 6 hours

Track listeners’ second-by-second response to your audio creative.

Measure consumers' emotional response, including reactions to the narrator and musical elements in your creative.

Check story recall and messaging cut-through for your audio and evaluate its strength against ZappiStore's proprietary metrics, including purchase intent, relevance and brand linkage.

Creative testing
Countries available:
Australia, Canada, Canada French, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States
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What's Included

  • Lovers & Haters Summary
  • Music & Narrator Affinity
  • Second by Second Response
  • Likes & Dislikes Word Clouds
  • Key Messages
  • Emotional Comparison
  • Emotional Engagement
  • Key Measures
  • Story Recall
  • Key Word Clouds
  • Custom Questions

In Detail

Lovers & Haters Summary

Learn how many people loved, hated or were indifferent to your audio creative.

Music & Narrator Affinity

See how consumers' feel about the narrator and music in your creative.

Second by Second Response

See the breakdown of listeners’ second-by-second reaction as they rate your audio in real time.

Likes & Dislikes Word Clouds

View consumers’ verbatim responses to what they liked and disliked about your creative.

Key Messages

Discover which key messages resonate with consumers after listening to your audio.

Emotional Comparison

Quantify emotional reactions to your creative using respondents’ associations with our list of emoticons.

Emotional Engagement

Track the most frequently occurring emotions against the strength of emotion felt.

Key Measures

Evaluate your audio creative against targeted metrics of enjoyment, purchase intent, relevance, likability, uniqueness, brand feeling and linkage and believability of claims.

Story Recall

See what story listeners take away through the story recall word clouds.

Key Word Clouds

Explore the key associations consumers made after listening to your audio.

Custom Questions

Drill down even further by adding up to 3 single or multiple choice Custom Questions.

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