What's Included

  • Overall Summary
  • Engagement Summary
  • Brand Associations
  • Predisposition - Persuasion
  • Detailed Measure View

In Detail

Overall Summary

A simple, colour-coded snapshot of overall performance telling you in a single glance how each ad tested has performed versus norms on key success metrics.

Engagement Summary

Measures to help you understand the creative impact of your ad: how well the ad will capture people’s attention and how strongly it links to your brand.

Brand Associations

A read of which of the associations you want your ad to build are being taken away.

Predisposition - Persuasion

If your ad is seeking short-term sales through persuasion, you can understand how your ad is performing amongst different user groups and understand what is driving or undermining persuasive power.

Detailed Measure View

A detailed look at every data point for every question asked, allowing a granular comparison of scores across all the ads you have tested.

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