M/A/R/C® Rapid Results

What's Included

  • Activation Potential & Key Drivers
  • Concept Scorecard
  • Activation Skews
  • Concept Perceptions
  • Concept Heat Map
  • Open Ended Questions
  • Substitutability
  • Price Sensor
  • Line Item Analysis

In Detail

Activation Potential & Key Drivers

M/A/R/C’s Activation Potential Score is comprised of a series of key indicators which reflect the behavioral and psychological process consumers go through when making a purchase decision. By filtering out the overstatement inherent in a single question like Purchase Intent, the Activation Potential score is validated to be more predictive of in-market behavior than any one single measure.

Concept Scorecard

Get a thorough overview of individual concept performance, benchmarked against concepts within your category.

Activation Skews

Find out who your concepts appeal to the most. M/A/R/C Rapid Results delivers additional insight on Activation skews to identify which demographics over or under-index in terms of Activation Potential.

Concept Perceptions

Further diagnose the drivers and/or limiters of appeal through a series of perceptual attribute questions.

Concept Heat Map

Capture specific strengths and weaknesses of the concept description, messaging and image. Respondents select elements of the concept they like and dislike the most and provide reasons for their selection.

Open Ended Questions

Qualitatively assess each of your concepts to guide optimization.


Measure substitutability against key competitive products. Respondents select which alternative products they currently buy from your defined list of competitors before indicating the ones they would replace with your product.

Price Sensor

Determine the price point that maximizes revenue by measuring consumer acceptance and purchase frequency across a range of possible prices.

Line Item Analysis

Understanding impact of varieties on the reach of the line starting with the most appealing item. This “stepwise” TURF approach begins with the strongest single item and adding to it at each step, the variety with the greatest incremental appeal until 100% of the overall line’s reach is achieved.

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