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Unprecedented competition between brands in store and online has increased packaging’s importance within the marketing mix and focused attention on using the pack to reinforce core brand values. Impackt Lite™ provides you with a quick and efficient way to understand the potential of different pack design routes removing the guesswork, helping you by optimising and validating at the same time.

Pack testing
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What's Included

  • Power summary
  • Brand recognition
  • Impact
  • Emotional profiling (Brandphonics)
  • Pack derived expectations
  • Key Measures
  • Hot spots with comments
  • Drill downs

In Detail

Power summary

A summary of all your key measures, helping you to quickly and effectively understand which pack execution is the most effective for your brand.

Summarises pack standout in two measures, propensity to buy, and overall appeal.

Brand recognition

Consumers are exposed to an image of the pack design for 0.5 of a second, replicating gaze duration in store, and then asked to recall what they saw.

Know what consumers would recall of your pack both at a category and brand level, from a quick glance as if on shelf. Understand any potential confusion with other brands/variants. Benchmark yourself against current design or competitors by including additional test cells.

Q. What type of product did you see?
Q. What was the brand?


Using a simple but implicit technique consumers are asked to pick out your product/brand from a series of 20+ distractor images (each image being shown for only a fraction of a second).

See the proportion of people who can recognise your brand in a context of similar pack formats and how quickly they are able to do this.

Q. If you see PRODUCT X, immediately hit the SPACEBAR key, PRODUCT X may be shown several times amongst the other pictures/images.

Emotional profiling (Brandphonics)

Using a bespoke profiling tool consumers express how strongly each of a number of emotional words are associated with the pack design.

Move beyond the core metrics of standout and liking to know whether your new design is bringing greater alignment to your brand equities. Compare the profile of the new design versus current or competitors – what does the new design add and does it present opportunities for improvement?

Q. How strongly to you feel each of the terms shown is associated with this pack?

Pack derived expectations

This is an opportunity for you to tailor your survey to include up to 12 relevant metrics based on consumer pack expectations.

Find out whether your new design suggests greater product efficacy, drives perceptions of ease of use, suggests a higher quality product, indicates that the product would be better tasting, more natural or refereshing. This is the opportunity to ask those questions. If incorporating multi cells know how your new design stacks up against current or competitor/s.

Q. Please tell us which of the following statements applies to the pack shown by ticking all relevant statements.

Key Measures

Know the answers to those questions that you will get asked and compare against other test cells (current design or competitors).

If testing a range know how appealing the whole range is and how easy or difficult it is for people to tell the variants apart from each other.

Q. What is your overall opinion of this pack design?
Q. How likely would you be to buy this product if you saw it available at a reasonable price?
Q. How suitable do you think this pack is for?
Q. Compared to similar products, how new and different do you think this pack is?

Hot spots with comments

Using hot spots it is possible create heat maps so you can know which elements of your design are really liked and which elements could perhaps do with revising. Overlaying spontaneous comments you will understand the ‘why’ and hence you can address any negatives.

Q. Which part/s of the pack do you like the most – place the green pin/s at the centre of the area/s of the pack you like?
Q. Please tell us what you like about this part of the pack?
Q. Which part/s of the pack do you dislike the most – place the red pin/s at the centre of the area/s of the pack you dislike?
Q. Please tell us what you dislike about this part of the pack?

Drill downs

Access drilldowns for each specific measure, so you can explore the detail of how each pack performs against the others.

Investigate overall appeal, propensity to buy, fit of pack to brand, perceptions of how new & different the revised design/s are. If range is key understand appeal of total range and ease of variant discrimination within that range. Lastly, explore diagnostic measures which give insight into specific elements of the pack which are of interest to you.

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