How Zappi Works

Zappi is built for marketers and insights professionals who respect the voice of their consumers as the most influential part of their decision-making process.


the effectiveness of their brands and creatives


their campaign performance in real-time


which product ideas and varieties are most competitive


Our Platform

  • Automates the collection and modeling of data using proven market research methodologies, from audience configuration to reporting, allowing for effortless scale
  • Understands data at a semantic level to drive meaningful results and analysis in real-time
  • Delivers expert insights via an intuitive interface so that analysis is never lost and its value is compounded over time
  • Learns your business goals, growing smarter and more strategic over time

Marketing Benefits

  • Test throughout the entire creative process: during ideas development to in-market testing
  • Choose the right tools, methodologies, target audiences, and sample sizes with ease
  • Learn more on a platform that predicts outcomes and grows smarter the more you use it
  • View your team’s results, agencies, and partners all in one place to understand your insights on a global scale
  • Access your results via an easy-to-use reporting interface

Insights Benefits

  • Generate consumer insights in real-time to fuel better research and development, brand, and advertising decisions
  • Move away from scorecards; free yourself from waiting weeks for actionable data
  • Use proven methods: MARC, Consensus Point, Buzzback, System 1, TNS, and more
  • Leverage insights at a fraction of the cost and without sacrificing quality
  • Tag and remodel data to help generate predictive insights

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We believe that insightful human expertise combined with robust, versatile data, gives us the power to solve clients’ long-term strategic pain points. This is the life-changing difference between dumb and smart data.

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Steve Phillips

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